Viqtory! VIQ3 Complex Problem Solving (CPS) and Dynamic Decision Making (DDM)

Trainer Jeroen Bakker workshops in 2024!

Improve your relationship at home or at work BOOT, Best Out Of Two!


"We are as good as we are now!" It helps if we had a good night of sleep, if we come well prepared, if our financial situation is perfect and if we and our family are in perfect health. Our relationship is fantastic etc. etc. This is however not always the case....

New concept of Awareness Training (A.T.)

"As an NLP master practitioner, Communication specialist and Neuro Science expert Jeroen Bakker has the ideal mix to bring a new concept of Awareness Training" It happens to be that this concept based on "Neuro Science" model of Amy Arnsten/Joe Dispenza and works really well with passengers on airplanes who are not relaxed. Please contact us if you need any help!

Soft Mediation

Because of the nature of thought, the end product is an emotion, Soft Mediation is navigating around emotions and therefore more rational. Resulting in a relaxed negotiating environment by not confronting the parties directly.

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