Viqtory VIQ3


Are you looking for a solution oriented model for complex problem solving (CPS) and dynamic decision making (DDM)? Based on the latest neuroscience insights and built on techniques that have proved to work? Keeping you relaxed during the process and to make full use of your thinking capacity! The new Creative and Innovative concept is just for you! Viqtory! Or short VIQ3, starts with identifying situations that need immediate attention. The next step is to contain that situation (action!) or if possible eliminate or at least reduce the threat. By asking the right questions and finding the right answers a situation is created that realises a win-win-win situation for all parties that are involved (even for those that are not present!). In the final step, at least three possible solutions are created that gives choice. Have you recognised the four Elements? Fire, “V” for Vigilance, Water representing the “I” gathering Information, Air is the “Q” for Questions and Earth as a number “3” for possibilities to get your feet firm on the ground! Viqtory is about achievement, something completed successfully; goal reached!


BOOT: Best Out Of Two

This program is designed to improve relationships. In marriage, family, at work or somewhere else. Based on neuroscience and the importance of our subconscious mind. Ninety-five percent of our brain processes are in the subconscious mind, meaning that we are unaware of it. It is the part of the brain that is basically who we are; our character. Understanding this opens up new ways to a better understanding leading to more respect and this will build trust. The concept of getting down to URTD! (Understanding, Respect, Trust, Devotion)


How powerful is our Subconscious?

Our motivation runs the filters between our subconscious and conscious minds. It is important to understand this process. Only then are we able to see the whole and make changes. Our perception is our reality!Please feel free to contact me for a specified plan to deal with your need of creating better understanding in relationships. This can be in a workshop in your company or at home. There will be an interactive program in the near future that allows you to get in contact with the party you wish to improve your relationship with.