Down to URTD


Creating better relationships!

Down to Earth? Or Down to URTD?

The U is for understanding, it is not what people say, it is why they say it! (this means more than listening, most cases you have to ask the right questions!)

The “R” stands for respect. If you understand somebody well, it creates respect!

The “T” is for Trust, that is what you can if you Understand somebody and you Respect him or her. Finally.

The “D” is for Devotion or in a lot of cases Love! And we are Down to Earth!

Jeroen Bakker ©


Think of what is the most important for you. Let your partner guess!

After this, you can reverse this. Use different topics, get Understanding!


Please feel free to contact us for a workshop on improving relationships. If it is between family, Neighbours or at work.

\the workshop consist of a presentation and we are going to use the Matrix